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SPA salon in Samara
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The first time
You are with us for the first time, get a 10% discount and a small prank as a gift!
Happy New Year!
Come to us and get a New Year's 20% discount on all programs!
Have fun together
Bring a friend and get a 15% discount on the total bill!
Happy Birthday, dear
Discount is equal to your age. Valid for 3 days: the day before and after the birthday!
Morning in joy
Come from 07.00 to 12.00 and get a discount of up to 50% on the most interesting programs!
Our masters

Girls in the men's SPA “Egoist” are different in temperament, appearance and style of communication. Open the questionnaire and find out more about each of them ...


All programs

Private strip room
60 min
Classics of the genre
3 400 rub
60 min
3 400 руб
60 мин
Мемуары гейши
4 400 руб
80 мин
50 первых поцелуев
4 900 руб
80 мин
Основной инстинкт
5 300 руб
90 мин
Идеальный мужчина
5 700 руб
90 мин
Мистер и миссис Смит
6 000 руб
120 мин
6 500 руб
90 мин
Кофейный экстаз
6 700 руб
90 мин
Заводной апельсин
6 900 руб
90 мин
8 500 руб
80 мин
9 100 руб
120 мин
Премьер 2.0
12 100 руб
180 мин
1000 и 1 ночь
9 800 руб
120 мин
Выше только звёзды
15 800 руб
180 мин
Мальчишник в Вегасе
The Great Gatsby
30 000 rubles
120 min
From dusk to dawn
80 00 rub
8 ocloc'k
2 900 rub
60 min
Business Espresso
2 200 rub
20-30 min
Gentle kiss
5 000 rub
90 min
4 400 rub
90 min
6 100 rub
100 min
4 200 rub
90 min
5 000 rub
90 min
6 100 rub
90 min
6 100 rub
100 min
More programs
Interior cabin

We have 3 different rooms. The first is spacious with a Jacuzzi, tatami, a sofa for a large company, in red tones. The second in beige tones with a shower and tatami. The third in purple, fireplace, jacuzzi and large tatami. All rooms have LED Svetas and an individual interior.

About salon
erotic spa salon for men
Bonuses and certificates
From 5 active shares simultaneously. Gift certificates for any amount or selected program.
Erotic Spa Salon for Men in Samara
Wonderful masters
The girls will treat you to tea or coffee, support the conversation and fulfill the chosen program with feeling.
spa salon for men price in Samara
Safety and hygiene
Our employees have medical books. You get individual slippers at the entrance, as well as a shower or jacuzzi in any program.
Spa program for men in Samara
Private entrance, 3 unique rooms and a pleasant atmosphere.
Spa massage for men in Samara
We appreciate our guests and therefore your stay in our men's club is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.
Spa salon massage for men in Samara
There are 20 main programs and additions in our menu, for your taste there are different types of masters and a new program premiere every month.
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